Testimonial 9

What you all did and the attitude you displayed was powerful. We will do more together.

Testimonial 8

Hi Marcia, I’m another reporter from The New York Times. Manny passed this along. I’d like to interview Kenny, as soon as possible.

Testimonial 7

Marcia, This is a good inspirational piece. We can run it next week if that timing works for you.

Testimonial 6

Dear Ms. Davis: Thanks for this piece. I believe I can find a home for it on a page I’m planning for this Sunday, 10/22. Please advise any updates, etc. Thanks.

Testimonial 5

Good morning Marcia – I am reconfirming your client for tomorrow, 6:30 to  7:00 PM, using the phone number you provided.  We would like to call him 30 minutes before the interview to check the line.  Thanks for letting me know we are good for tomorrow.